Thursday, 15 December 2011

Trip to the Print Museum - By Jonesy

The National Print Museum collects, documents, preserves, exhibits, interprets and makes accessible the material evidence of printing craft and fosters associated skills of the craft in Ireland.
We took a trip there with our class, where we got to see the machines used for printing before digital printing. It was really fascinating to see the machines, some of them were really huge compared to their modern equivalent, like the hole punch machine, which is something which would now fit in our pockets!

I thought the woodblock print was really nice, it creates a really nice degraded effect. I think this type of printing has its own unique aesthetic that can't be recreated with digital effects, and while digital design is way more prolific, there'll always be a place for the printing press.

And here's some similar stuff I found in other places:

In Lower Manhattan's historic South Street Seaport district, Master Printer Robert Warner ingeniously prints with the famous 1901 clamshell press, The Golding Jobber.

"Linotype: The Film" is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler's amazing Linotype typecasting machine and the people who own and love these machines today.

Ludlow type fonts represent a disappearing industrial heritage in America, with most fonts ending up in scrapyards & machines destroyed. Not many people know how to run and maintain the machines properly but we are dedicated to keeping our historical equipment functioning & publicly accessible for teaching. 
(You can see a Ludlow Type Caster in the National Print Museum)

Mr. Smiths Letterpress workshop - London

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