Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Favourite Thing - By Jonesy

I chose Saturn & its moons. I think the images being produced by NASA at the moment are craaaazy. In this video someone has stitched together all the images into a sequence. It shows Saturn and its rings, and the way the gravitational pull of some of Saturns moons can cause ripples in the material that makes up the rings. It also shows Enceladus shooting icy plumes into space.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Foreground background by dw

This is a photo posted by great image of interaction between foreground & background
This is good example contrast in exposure of foreground and background subjects.


 "This snail is actually to scale. Giant snails are how the people of England get around. Ask anyone."
This is one of many Graffiti snail images found on . I think this is funny use of scale!!!

Texture - Background/Foreground - Scale // By Jonesy

I really like the texture made by woodblock printing.

This piece is made more interesting by the fact that it's done on a chalkboard.
I chose these images to represent background/foreground because I thought it was interesting the way the designers have used text over images to create a new image.

La Cena, sees hand-drawn creatures projected onto a nighttime jungle-scape in Argentina, executed with a playfulness and charm that set it apart from other “mapping” projects. I like how their animations interact with the background.

I think the way that the designer has placed the letter M nest to buildings gives it a sense of scale.

Examples of TextureTB

Examples of Background/foregroundTB

Examples of Scale & Contrast TB