Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Malark - Street Art

I think even people who are against street art can appreciate this work.

-Post by Jonesy

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mark Jenkins' "The Death of Death" - Street art

I always like to see street art happening in Dublin getting attention on an international scale. 

"This latest piece, "The Death of Death" was put up in Dublin in early September (w/Anewspace/Dublin Contemporary) during Suicide Awareness Week. These days we're continuing to explore the idea of the urban theater--the street as a stage. Also doing a lot of workshops, the most recent in Tashkent, teaching people this idea of using their body to make self-replicas to put out into public space."... Mark Jenkins

via - Wooster Collective

-Post by Jonesy

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Heydays - Oslo design studio

New online showcase of Oslo based design studio Heydays. Their work is amazing, but I also really love the amount of thought they put into presenting it.

-Post by Jonsey

Amnesty International Ads

Amnesty International Ads:- How visually effective are these images! Do you get the message? Powerful stuff!

A rare phenomenon which appeared on a frozen lake in Canada has been captured by landscape photographer Emmanuel Coupe. Coupe explained that seeing a frozen lake this spectacular is rare as they are usually covered in a thick blanket of snow. In this area, however, there is little precipitation which allowed for stunning views of the frozen surface and beneath.