Saturday, 26 November 2011

Amnesty International Ads

Amnesty International Ads:- How visually effective are these images! Do you get the message? Powerful stuff!


  1. I posted these images as effective examples of Graphic Design. The use of images, choice of type and imaginative combination, to portray a very important message that appeals to the conscience. Thinking outside the box, is an important skill to develop in order to do your client justice and to be a good Graphic Designer.

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    Melle Diete (illustrator and typographer)

    Her typeface Mary Read was one of Typographica’s fonts of 2008, and in the three years since that first success she has continued to produce typefaces that are both witty and very useful. She is also a talented illustrator as well as a part-time type designer at Luc(as) de Groot’s studio, LucasFonts. After a succession of fonts that combined the frivolous and the well-made, she recently brought out the clean, robust Gingar family, which is currently climbing our Hot New Fonts list with vigorous determination. Meet Melle Diete from Berlin. Refreshingly different.